Leo owns and runs the record store Compact Disc, which is ironically named but not intentionally, because Leo’s just not as clever as he would have you believe. Leo is generally rude to customers , has elaborate fantasies that he acts out during business hours , was once rescued by an inappropriate masked vigilante , and came this close to statutorily raping a former customer but you should try not to hold that one against him because he felt really bad about it.


Kate is unhappy
Kate runs the bookstore Books! and would ideally spend most of her time in quiet solitude reading, though if she ever got the chance to do that she’d realize that she hates it. Kate is reserved and somewhat aloof, she regularly puts up with shenanigans, generally avoids dating because of cripplingly low self-esteem, and she may or may not be a freelance assassin. Jury’s still out on that one.


Anthony likes to drum
Anthony works at Compact Disc, lives outside the city, and is generally the most responsible person around at any point in time. He was sort of accidentally hired, enjoys telling spooky stories to a captivated audience, was once left for dead in a pile of trash by Leo, and also regularly puts up with shenanigans.


I wonder what Amy has been doing
Amy works at Books! and if she were anyone else would take offense to being a peripheral character but in fact she prefers the anonymity. Amy was hired for being honest and once illegally disposed of a broken windshield which led to Leo’s first hand injury. Amy doesn’t get more than 2 links because until now she wasn’t a very well developed character and even still she doesn’t get too directly involved with all the nonsense.

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